Friday, July 27, 2007

Flight of Ideas

It feels a little like standing on a beach, waiting for the typhoon to come rolling in. This year, I have more anxious moments about my trip to Kenya than the last time. I can’t put my finger on it but I sense more mixed emotions than the last two times there. Perhaps it is knowing that you have no idea really what to expect in the work that lies ahead in the next two weeks. I only want to be useful to the patients there and to be able to contribute to the staff who arduously labor there at the Kijabe Hospital. I am looking forward to working with Elizabeth and seeing her grow by the experience as she finishes her residency.

Well, we’ll be boarding soon to a long butt-rotting flight/layover/flight combo that tests our sleep centers ability to function. I only hope Jordan, Daniel and I do get some sleep. The guys are calm but excited about the trip ahead. I know the work they will be doing may be less-than-exciting but hopefully they will appreciate that service of any kind is what matters, not the adreneline level of an experience.

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